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Down By The River (N. Young)(featuring Tony Calyen)
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Down By The River

Featuring Tony calyen on lead vocal, this classic Neal Young tune was originally covered by Buddy Miles back in 1970, and we kinda play off that version here. The backing tracks were knocked out in one take, even taking the band by surprise, as it was the first song in the studio that night. Tony (N) and David (N) take turns on guitar solos and Dave Moore throws down a nice deep bass solo in this one too.

Danger Man (featuring Dave Moore)La Bartones ft. Dave Moore
00:00 / 02:51

Danger Man

Dave Moore chose this ripper, written by David Bromberg because, apparently, two Dave's in one song just isn't enough sometimes. Nekola's guitar will pull you in faster than a jet engine at the top of this tune while the other Dave (Moore) sings it like he means it, all the while pocketing the groove on his bass.  He's so bad...

Mp3 Some Old Day THE BARTONESArtist Name
00:00 / 03:16

Some Ol' Day

If you go searching for the original of this one, you're gonna be surprised. No other version out there sounds like this barn burner. Not to disrespect ol' Flatts and Scruggs but, woooooo-weeeee! It's hotter than a July in Hades! 

Mp3 Saint James Infirmary THE BARTONESArtist Name
00:00 / 03:42

St. James Infirmary

Another old traditional. Le Bartones takes a groove and doctor's it up accordingly. Like drinkin' itchy water, this will make ya move from the inside out.

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